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In order to perpetuate our know-how, our decorated tiles are entirely hand-pressed, in accordance with tradition. Partitioning is a totally manual process which makes each item unique. Winckelmans has used this method for more than one hundred years, with special care paid to the preservation of the material.

Easy maintenance

Contrary to other types of decorated tiles, the Winckelmans decorated tile has near-zero porosity, which makes maintenance easier and renders it highly resistant to stains. Furthermore, It does not require the use of a specific cleaning product.

Great resistance.

As pressing is partitioned over the entire tile thickness, the colours and patterns go right through the tile, which guarantees a hardwearing pattern over time. Given all these qualities, our decorated tile is therefore just as versatile as our plain colour tiles range and can therefore be used inside and out, in dry or damp environments, in standard housing or industrial premises with extensive comings and goings.


Thanks to the combination of our know-how and traditional manufacturing processes with the latest computer technologies, we are able to reproduce all your existing patterns or to create a totally unique decorated tile based on a specific pattern (logo, drawing). Therefore, we can satisfy all your needs, whether renovation or more original projects!